Zealous, trial-tested advocacy for the rights of individuals

Matthew D. Myers

Background: A criminal trial lawyer since 1990, Matthew Myers has defended a broad range of cases in the greater New York jurisdictions. From conspiracy charges in federal court to criminal charges in state court, Mr. Myers’ significant trial experience includes such headline cases as the “taxi cab rapist” and the “nail salon robber”.
Education: Western New England School Of Law; Susquehannah University; Wake Forest University
Bar Admission: NY, 1991.
Practice Principle: Weak people believe in luck. The strong believe in cause & effect.



Christopher D. Galiardo

Background: After working at a large civil defense firm representing corporate clients, Mr. Galiardo came to realize that he was most compelled by representing individuals – those whom our laws are meant to protect. Following several subsequent years as a public defender, he entered private practice and began trying civil and criminal cases in NYC. Mr. Galiardo has applied this extensive experience to a specialization in police misconduct and negligence litigation since 1999.
Education: Boston University School Of Law; Colgate University
Bar Admission: NJ, 1990; NY, 1992 .
Practice Principles: (1) The practiced hand makes the natural gesture. (2) Things may come to those who wait, but only those things left behind by those who hustle. (3) A wise man knows everything; a shrewd man knows everybody.


Myers & Galiardo LLP

Myers & Galiardo LLP